Property Owners

5G mobility is coming and property owners are in a great position to leverage the need for hundreds of thousands of new antenna sites – to serve your tenants and earn new revenue. All you need to do is list your properties with us and tap into a new source of revenue from digital tenants based on the location and profile of your property: buildings, poles, kiosks, billboards and more.

No upfront fees or exclusivity requirements. Let’s get to it.

  1. You describe your property with a few details that are important so operators can determine the viability of building on your property, i.e. location, height, proximity to power, monthly fees, etc.
  2. You sign our agreement to enable your property to be promoted to telecom carriers and operators.
  3. Your property will be promoted through our website and associated advertising.
  4. If your property is identified as a potential location site:
    1. We will assess the proposal to ensure it meets technical and financial thresholds
    2. We will contract with the operator on your behalf based on your technical and financial specifications, see #1.
    3. If there are special circumstances, we will support you in any leasing negotiations as needed.
    4. Once the contract is signed by all parties, timing of equipment installation and any related services are specified.
    5. Once the attachment has been installed and is operational, you will receive rental payments.
  5. You receive incremental revenue from your property for a minimum of 5 years.